Hi, my name is Megan,
This is my blog.
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I can’t do this anymore…

My life isn’t how I want it to be.
I don’t know how to change it…
but I am trying.

My “fiance” doesn’t treat me right.
He calls me every name in the book on a daily basis. He hurts me emotionally and has destroyed me.
I am broken. He hurts me so badly…I dont even have to do anything….and I will be abused. Lately it has been mainly choking…and screaming. I get strangled…for no reason.
Today we had to move in with his grandmother because our lease was up. His whole family lives here…I am going to go insane…literally. I have no fucking money. And he is playing games with a 13 year old all night. I am sleeping alone, which i like, on an air mattress in a living room. I moved all day…and I packed everything by myself without help. I am not trying to complain …just needing to vent. The second we gethete and sort of settle in, all I want to do is shower and go to bed. He slams bacon, sausage, eggs, & toast on the counter and makes me cook for him. Doesn’t say thank you, makes me wash his plate…and then I go to give him a hug and thank him for helping move today and he pushes me away and tells me to get out of his ass. I cannot say anything to him without being wrong. I am always doing something wrong. I know it isn’t me. It’s him. I am 99% sure he has narcissistic personality disorder. I am done ranting. I just know I deserve better. And have no one to talk to about this…sorry. end rant

What is Emotional Abuse? →


An emotionally abusive person may ‚Äúdismiss your feelings and needs, expect you to perform humiliating or unpleasant tasks, manipulate you into feeling guilty for trivial things, belittle your outside support system or blame you for unfortunate circumstances in his or her life. Jealousy,…


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